Systemic change policy in higher education in Ukraine

  • І. А. Семенець-Орлова Національний авіаційний університет
Keywords: reform policy, change management, educational change implementation, public education policy, public education policylegitimization of the meaning of social reform, social progress


Education as a public good has an important state-making function. The state of the education systemdepends on sound educational policy, the competence of state decisions and properly placed emphasisin determining strategic priorities. Achieving new quality and development of the national educationsystem is impossible without equally significant changes in the system, processes and mechanisms ofpublic education management. Comprehensive educational reform is implemented at the level of specificeducational institutions and institutions, and requires both organizational and individual readiness toimplement a new one.The main disadvantages of state education policy as a tool for ensuring the constitutional right toeducation in modern Ukraine can be identified: lack of real decentralization of education management, lackof conditions for effective and systematic participation of the public in the decision making process onimproving the quality of education, ensuring its accessibility, free of charge, social protection , the misuseof funds in the education sector.The author analyzes procedural features and important tools for managing organizational change (atthe institution of higher education) based on expert survey data. Based on the work of well-known modernchange management theorists, the author outlines the logic and sequence of procedures for the preparationand direct implementation of educational change. The author argues that the low success rate of educationalchanges in the national realities at the level of institutions, educational institutions is caused by incompleteadherence to the sequence of management support procedures and neglect of many appropriate tools for theconsistent preparation of the educational change process.


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