General information

The scientific and theoretical almanac "Grani" has been issued since October 1998.

Founders: Dnipropetrovsk National University named after Oles Gonchar; Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute for Public Administration, National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine; Center for Social and Political Studies.

Certificate of state registration of HV № 19758-9558 Printed by the Ministry of Press and Information of Ukraine on 19.03.13.

Registration at the International Center ISSN 2311-6420 (Print), 2413-8231 (Online).

The journal is intended for a wide range of readers (scientists, specialists) in the field of philosophy, history, sociology, political science. Address of the web resource of the journal on the Internet:

The editorial board includes editions of domestic and foreign scholars from the USA, Great Britain, Lithuania, Italy, China, Poland, Kazakhstan.

The publication publishes only new works that reflect the current trends and different facets of the development of the social and humanitarian spheres of scientific thought.

All articles published in the magazine are reviewed by leading specialists in the relevant fields, as well as scientific, general and technical editing by the editorial staff. The editorial policy is aimed at preventing plagiarism and ensuring a high scientific level of articles.

Thematic focus:

Translated into English from the Ukrainian title means Edge. The Almanac was created and works on the Grani of several scientific disciplines, which opens new opportunities for interdisciplinary research. In particular, works are devoted to the analysis of historical and political processes, which are interpreted from the point of view of different philosophical and sociological concepts.

"Grani" is a collection of original scientific works as Ukrainian authors devoted to social and humanitarian issues of the history and the present of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, as well as important for these regions of contemporary research authors from other regions of the world.

The publication presents the best works of Ukrainian scientists in the social and humanitarian field in philosophy, history, sociology, political science, and thus shows the contribution of Ukrainian scholars to the development of these scientific disciplines.


Covered: the course of social transformation in Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries, the problems of intergovernmental conflicts, the impact of globalization and the peculiarities of geopolitics in Eastern Europe, the social and humanitarian issues of the modern world, new views on the classical doctrines of famous thinkers, etc.

Included in the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine, in which the results of dissertation papers for obtaining scientific degrees of a doctor and a candidate of sciences in public administration (the decision of the expert council of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine dated April 15, 2014) may be published.

Indexed in international science-centered bases:

- Ulrichsweb

- Index Copernicus;

- National Library of Ukraine Vernadsky; 



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Frequency of release: 12 times a year.

Language of edition: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Publisher:Publishing House "Grani" (Certificate of Incorporation of a Publisher in the State Register of Publishers, Manufacturers and Distributors of Publishing Product Series DK No. 2131 dated 23.03.2005).

The magazine has gained widespread recognition over the past 20 years and has received a steady base of subscribers in Ukraine and abroad in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. The editors annually conclude contracts with subscription agencies of these countries with specific dates for the transfer of the magazine at the appropriate addresses.

The authors retain copyright, as well as authorize the magazine to publish original scientific articles containing the results of experimental and theoretical studies and are not under consideration for publication in other areas. All materials are subject to the Creative Commons Attribution license, which allows others to distribute the work of acknowledging the authorship of this work and the first publication in this journal.