Red Terror Against Menshovyks’ Opposition in Katerynoslav Region at the Beginning of the 1920s.

  • В. В. Іваненко Дніпровський національний університет імені Олеся Гончара
Keywords: Katerynoslav Region, Ukraine, Bolshovyks, Menshovyks, social democracy, policy, ideology, repressions, terror


In the article on the example of Katerynoslav Region as one of the largest regions of Ukraine the startingpoints, dynamics and some regional peculiarities of policy of repression and Bolshevyk’s policy as for theirex-fellow-party members and fellows in arms in fight against monarchy – social democrats (Menshovyks) atthe beginning of the 1920s are scrutinized. It is stated that the scrutinizing of the given topic gives a chance tounderstand deeper and in details reasons and consequences of red advance against oppositionists of differentdirections of that period as the most radical and rather harsh instrument of their pushing out of social-politicallife, establishment of Bolshevyks’ monopoly on the state power and governing the soviet state. Evolution ofBolshevyks’ tactics as for Menshovyks and their oppositional powers starting from the end of Civil War to thebeginning of new economic policy maintenance – without limited excess to the participation in Radas elections,trade union and cooperation stream to the open terror and physical extirpation of social-democratic elite isdemonstrated. On the basis of analytical thinking over of definite historic facts the grounded conclusion ismade. It concerns the fact that together with the oppression of Social-revolutionary and Menshovyks’ oppositionSoviet Communist Party lost its last organized manifestation of multiparty political system, political competitionand set one-person political regime of totalitarian type, monopoly right to form and govern state policy as forthe strategy of «happy future» building – a communist society. Ideologically there was no real alternative tosuch actions and their final result as well because it meant open opposition of too different approaches to theorganization of new social order, of two opposite ideological conceptions – dictatorship of ruling (state) partyand revolutionary democracy.


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