Gender asymmetry in local authorities: in the case of Dnipropetrovsk region

  • A. V. Skrypnyk Oles Honchar Dnipro national university
Keywords: gender, political sphere, gender democracy, gender equity


The specifics of the situation of gender asymmetry in Ukrainian society have been demonstrated in the article. Gender asymmetry is an actual and important concept both for science and social life. The theoretical foundations of gender asymmetry, the specifics of its study in the sociological, historical and feminist perspective have been described in the article. Moreover, in this scientific publication the gender asymmetry has been studied in its specific aspect – political one. For the Ukrainian society the problem of gender asymmetry in the political sphere is an important object of study. After all, gender equality is a guarantee of gender democracy and a democratic society.Thus, in this article the concept of gender asymmetry has been studied, its evolution in scientific thought has been traced. Then, from theorizing we turn to practice, gender asymmetry has been considered on the example of a specific Ukrainian society. This happens from two positions. The first is the study of the historical aspect of this concept, what was the gender situation in the political sphere of Ukrainian society. The situation that developed in the USSR is compared with the situation that took place in Europe. Further, statistical data on gender asymmetry in modern Ukrainian society has been studied. The last part is the study of the gender asymmetry on a concrete example, in our case it is the situation of gender asymmetry in the bodies of local authorities in the cities of Dnipropetrovsk region (Dnipro, Kamenskoe (Dneprodzerzhinsk), Verkhovtsevo).In the course of the author’s sociological research, workers of local authorities of the above mentioned cities were interviewed. Thus, the real situation of gender assimilation, the attitude of this group to the gender policy of our state has been identified. The main pain points of gender asymmetry have been found and thus, the main development prospects, what problems must be addressed first and, most importantly, to what ideal the Ukrainian society should strive for in conditions of gender asymmetry have been described.


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