Midsummer night’s dream (urban fantasy is not for W. Shakespeare)

  • A. G. Bolebrukh The Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk national university
Keywords: burning issues, interpretations, civil responsibility.


The burning issues of modern public life and their various interpretations in scientific works and media are examined. Civil responsibility of every individual for personal comprehension of the mentioned issues and for finding ways of solving them are stressed. For approximately the last twenty years was heard a lot of criticism of the government. According to the author, who rarely came to mind that officials recruited from our own ranks that they do not grow somewhere in closed incubators, therefore many of the shortcomings of public life are hidden in the depths of the human psyche, flaws in the education and upbringing.To better understand our present, the reasons that we are concerned, the article shows (with comments), the most common problems today Ukrainian reality: the relation to the previous historical stages, to experience solving complex social issues thinkers XVIII - X IX centuries., State public morality, civil liability, the level of political and spiritual culture.


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