Peculiarities of communicative rationality in the structural field of education

  • Y. S. Kravtsov Dniprovsk State Technical University
Keywords: communicative rationality, modernization of education, social cognition, a new paradigm, phenomenological sociology, structured dialogue box as the value form.


The article deals with the new situation in the education sector, which is characterized by the peculiarities of modern stage of the educational system’s development and by the necessity to rethink the principles of educational values in the XXI century through the prism of sustainable development’s priorities. Sociological ideas of phenomenology, which do not form social reality things or events of the material world in terms of supporters, have actively been used bu the authors and also the meaning given to these objects and events have been used in the article. Ontological and epistemological factors emergence of a new historical type of society, in our case, the information, have been disclosed from a philosophical position.  According to the authors, the state of postmodern society is primarily determined by culture. It is cultural society, which studies different external influences, including economic life, in the human world. Feature of modern social cognition that sets a new paradigm is as follows: it is carried out through the analysis of which representations had mediated self cognitive attitude to social phenomena, accompanied by the deep mentally communicative nature of social reality and brought changes in the socio-communicative sphere.


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