Historical origins of Petrykivsky decorative painting

  • T. A. Harkava Oles Honchar Dnipro national university
Keywords: Ukrainian folk arts and crafts, murals, malyovka, master of Petrikivsky decora-tive painting.


Petrykivsky decorative painting is a part of Ukrainian folk art. Domestic science of folk art has originated and has been developing primarily as a study of archaeological antiquities and artistic monuments of the past. Scientific papers, which comprehended the process of folk art development, began to appear in the late nineteenth century, Archaeological Congresses became the impetus for their appearance. Being a representative of the decorative painting, Petrikivsky decorative painting is rooted by its murals to Tripoli. It was created as a peasant domestic drawing. Inexhaustible diversity of local variants of Petrikivsky decorative painting, its evolutionary change, the individual characteristics of paintings of hundreds of famous Ukrainian artists do not even allow comparing it to any other European counterparts, each of which is characterized only by some individual techniques. Petrikivsky decorative painting got the significant boost in its distribution and development when it «came down» from walls to paper. Paper pictures - malyovky - were stucked to walls following the traditional rules of domestic interior’s decoration. Petrikivsky decorative painting got the official status in 1913, when E. Evenbah, by the initiative of D.I. Yavornytsky, gathered the collection of Petrikivsky decorative painting’s malyovkas and organized the exhibition in St. Petersburg. Motives of painting are rooted into the local flora and fauna and into the historical tradition. However, Petrikivsky decorative painting is not a direct reflection of natural motifs. World, created in paintings, is the product of the imagination of folk artist, it is the stylization of local flowers, fruits and birds. First names of Masters of Petrikivsky decorative painting, which appeared in historical sources, were T. Pata, N. Bilokin, I. Pavlenko. Their official recognition happened in 1930 after their participation in the first republican exhibition, which was later shown in Kiev, Moscow, Leningrad. Their students and followers are well-known now masters G. Prudnykov, V. Kucherenko, V. Sokolenko, F. Panko, E. Klyupa, I. Zavgorodniy Z. Kudish, M. Shyshatska, N. Szulik and others. The two-year school of decorative painting was opened in Petrikivka village in 1936, first teachers there were O. Stativa A. and T. Pata. There are a lot of exhibitions, Petrikivsky decorative painting is being introduced abroad. In 1958 F. Panko gathered some masters into the plant of varnished production, which was later modified into the factory of artistic products  «Druzhba». Experimental art studio, organized by him in 1970, was converted into  the center of folk art «Petrykivka» in 1991.  Due to its high decorative properties, Petrikivsky decorative painting blends into the exterior and interior of modern buildings both by walls painting and by the use of paintings and dishes. It is used in advertising, printing and souvenir production. In 2013 Petrykivsky decorative painting was declared an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.


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