Spiritual practices of taoism

  • Y. L. Butko Donbass state pedagogical university Address: 19, G. Batiouka str., Slavyansk, 84100, Ukraine
Keywords: Taoism, Taoist meditation, Taoist Alchemy, Spiritual, spiritual development in Taoism, religious practice improvement


In the article the spiritual practices of Taoism. Established that the spiritual path in Taoism is the main ultimate goal - achieving eternal, indestructible personality transformation through meditation and the reduction of lower mental strength to their upper classes. To achieve this, the Taoist practices, special practices that include, along with the meditative contemplation technique classes and various gymnastics, breathing exercises and the like, and (for a significant period of its history) - Laboratory (“foreign”) alchemy. Among the spiritual practices of Taoism is the main meditation that has little to do with certain external techniques. Taoist meditation leads people to unity, the only person that connects with the cosmos and society. The author concluded that the path of self-improvement Taoist, under the guidance of a teacher, is a series of distinct stages, gaining purely individual instruction. Spiritual practices like Taoist, were widely known in other religious and philosophical systems. However, the semantics of Taoist practices are significantly different, as well as their function in the structure of religious practices in general.


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Y. L. Butko, Donbass state pedagogical university Address: 19, G. Batiouka str., Slavyansk, 84100, Ukraine


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