Violence in gender culture: problem of typology formation (part 2)

  • I. O. Svyatnenko Classical private university
Keywords: gender-based violence, gender culture, gender castration, cultural castration, social castration, psychic castration, somatic castration.


Gender violence and castration practices in matriarchal gender culture are consolidated at several levels and form an integrated mechanism for the formation and reproduction of hidden violence, discrimination, submission, manipulation and control over men by women.The first level concerns directly the most valuable level of the cultural system. It includes technologies and practices for constructing myths of women’s overvaluation; discrediting men as morally inferior beings; usurpation of the right to establish standards of masculinity.The social level includes the diffusion of the boundaries of gender segregation and the regulation of operational practices towards men; technologies of group mobbing of «deviant» men (direct group pressure in conflict situations); the formation of negative «public opinion» around «deviant» males (indirect group pressure in conflict situations); encouragement of regular unilateral and asymmetric moral, psychological and physical violence of women against men in institutions of upbringing and education; forced ghettoization; prejudiced (gender-biased) legal proceedings.Psychic level includes the creation of conditions for the emergence of psycho-emotional disorders against the backdrop of comprehensive demoralization (emotional manipulation) and the imposition of a complex of guilt and low self-esteem; formatting of male micro communications (creation of conditions for limitation of the time of communication with other men and female mediation of such communication).


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