Ethno-cultural and national peculiarities of Ukrainian nation in ideas of the Cyril and Methodius

  • N. P. Boiko Dnieper State Technical University
Keywords: political thought, national self-identity, doktrynizm, national ideology, Orthodox


This publication is developed root causes of the problem of maturing political formation of ethnic, cultural and national peculiarities of Ukrainian in the context of historical, cultural and political dimensions. Proved that Cyril and Methodians understand the causes of ethnic and cultural distinction that have historical and spiritual origins of the past. Proved the thesis that members Cyril Mefodiyivskoho Variadic company tried to determine the direction in the development of national and spiritual unity Ukrainian. It was noted that a characteristic feature of the Ukrainian people basically have the dominant principles: respect for the family of family relationships, love the motherland, which is the cradle assembly society, rational and philosophical worldview worthy relationship to another human life. Grounded thesis that the impact on philosophy and political positions Cyril and Methodius had the idea of European traditional. Attention is paid to the fact that the theoretical and methodological basis for the analysis of formation of political ethno-cultural and national peculiarities of Ukrainian went to work Ukrainian and foreign philosophers, political scientists, culture, and emphasized that they were developed philosophical categories, research methods, in relation to the theme of ethnic cultured and national peculiarities of Ukrainian political thought and the formation of the Ukrainian nation.


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