Language community as an agent of individual’s socialization

  • G. V. Liakhovich Taras Shevchenko national university of Kyiv
Keywords: language choice, linguistic behavior, language practice, linguistic identification, community


In situations of a large variety of coordination in sociocultural processes, the use of the term «linguistic community» lacks the classical interpretation. In the current environment study these concept become practical value and require new tools. The classic interpretation of community makes it impossible to define linguistic community in terms of different scientific approaches and sciences using the common denominator: language and society.The term «linguistic community» often appears in scientific research in linguistics, ethnology and other sciences. Research on the concept of linguistic community sociological level requires a careful structuring and careful reflection.Growing interest in contemporary sociological thought to the issue of constructing social space necessitates individual sociological study linguistic community as an agent of socialization of the individual. The definition of the language communities in the sociological aspect allows to focus on the object and the subject field of science. The sociological aspect of language community as an agent of socialization helps individuals better understand the social phenomenon, referring to the linguistic representation.This article outlines basic sociological parameters linguistic community. Chart sociological parameters linguistic community manifested in two dimensions - in language practice (the choice of language education, the level of language competence, etc.) and through the relationship with language (mother tongue, language as a symbol, ethnicity, language, prestigious language, etc.) . The authors considers that the notion is interlinked with the categories of linguistic situation, linguistic identity, linguistic picture of the world and linguistic processes.In the article the analysis of the works of national and foreign researchers in sociolinguistics, sociology of language based on a common interpretation of the language community. Characterized the role of linguistic community in in the construction of social space in the context of the theory P.Berger and T. Lukman. Also the paper presents the analysis of the works of domestic and foreign social scientists who have studied the mechanisms and factors of a young person, her social conditioning. Sociological approach to the explanation of linguistic community as an agent of socialization of the individual is characterized. The authors considers that the notion is interlinked with the categories of linguistic situation, linguistic identity, linguistic picture of the world and linguistic processes. The paper interprets the state of linguistic community depending on the state of languages in society.


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