Features structuring image of Ukraine in socio-political and socio-cultural discourse

  • A. O. Pocelujko Institute of sociology NAS of Ukraine
Keywords: image of Ukraine, the socio-political discourse, social and cultural discourse, discourse system, discourse life world


The article deals with the problem of determining the characteristics of structuring image of Ukraine in the socio-political and socio-cultural discourses in different periods of independence. The differences between the way the state in socio-political and socio-cultural discourses concerning prevalence in political discourse appropriate systemic intentions and interests, that is, the predominance in political discourse Hidden guidelines impose certain public ideas favorable to the authorities (manipulative component) which can be implemented by means of political rhetoric to the impact on public consciousness and sensory-emotional component of man. Socio-cultural discourse is in proximity to the zone signs discourse based on communicative rationality Habermas, as is permeable for criticism and freer (compared with socio-political discourse) on the pressure of censorship communication. Thus, in political or simple political discourse from the beginning of structured situation in which «born political product», which involved, on the one hand, «competing agents» on the other - «political consumers of products» from The most important products is the image of the state.Layers of socio-political discourse under defined-State officially and historically historiographical discourses. These discourses present the image of the state in the context of national history as the source, where by means of targeted public policy is formed and implemented state identity as the language of institutional communication. Images states that officially created in-state and historically historiographic discourses as a set of ethnic myths, frames, stereotypes intended to create mechanisms of perception and interpretation of the past of the country, used in educational policy as a tool for national identity with the corresponding identity discourse. Socio-cultural discourse and the corresponding image of the state is characterized by a strong plurality, conceptuality, multyparadyhmality. In the socio-cultural discourse is conceptualization image of the state as part of the living world as opposed to social and political discourse, in which the image of the state appears more like dogmatic ideological construct, which tends to uniqueness. In the scientific discourse in constructing the image of the state is dominated intellectual and conceptual component, while in the state mediadyskurs-image formed on the basis of emotional and social representations stained. Latest distributed in makroteksts designed to create appropriate social attitudes, sensatsion, mobilizing different social groups on a variety of events and more


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