Analysis of quick-count and exit-poll methods as a part of the public monitoring activities during the elections in Ukraine

  • D. Y. Arabadjyiev Zaporizhzhya national technical university
Keywords: elections, public opinion research, exit poll, quick-count, quantitative research, qualitative research


The article defines the basic characteristics of certain methods of the electoral process public monitoring, namely, the quick-count and exit poll. Basing on the analysis of these methods applying during the last presidential elections in Ukraine, some conclusions are made. It was found that if we compare quick-count and exit-poll methods, we can see that quick-count has some advantages, including a high level of probability of the data, lower implementation costs, additional data receiving in addition to data on voting results, more objectivity.Disadvantages of the quick-count are the next: the result can be obtained only after protocol registration, high dependence on hardware and software calculation results. As the practice of quick-count implementation shows, it is not only a quick method of voting results obtaining for their later comparison with the official results of the elections. The method also helps citizens to monitor the quality of the electoral process, regardless of the official government communications. It also allows you to evaluate the activities of bodies and institutions responsible for organizing elections during the voting, counting and processing.


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