The internally displaced persons in Ukraine: Lviv’s example

  • S. M. Bubniak Ivan Franko national university of Lviv
Keywords: the internally displaced persons, motivations, problems, adaptive potential


The urgency of problems of the internally displaced persons in Ukraine in total and in Lviv in particular has been highlighted in the introduction of the article. Statistical data concerning their registry on the legislative level has been shown. The definition of the internally displaced persons has been given. Main directions of researches and those researchers, who are involved in this social theme, have been found out. Therefore, the purpose of the article has been outlined on the basis of the received information, it is to describe main reasons and the adaptive potential of the internally displaced persons on the example of Lviv.It has been described in the main part of the article, how the state conducts the survey and makes the interpretation of the empirical data. Thus, it has been found that all respondents before their relocation were the residents of regional centers, where they worked in public and private services, or were self-employed. Among the main motives of moving into Lviv, the dominating ones are: the personal contact with people who helped to settle there; Lviv is a cultural and tourist city; it is easy to find a job in IT technologies. However, the following trends in jobs situation can be seen among the internally displaces people: some are engaged in the same professional activities, as on their previous place of residence; some work as a laborer; some do not work due to the reluctance to seek employment, age or stereotypes about them because of their previous place of living. Also, it is important to emphasize that the internally displaced persons are very active in social activities. Speaking about social and public services, they do not assist actively, the internally displaced persons solve and are solving all their problems by their own.As a result, the conclusions indicate that the internally displaced persons are gradually adopting in Lviv, as they got new social relations, gained new knowledge and skills, understood local social norms, realized that they are masters of their life and they are the only ones, who determine their future.


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