Theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of university’s corporate culture

  • N. V. Horbenko Borys Grinchenko Kyiv university
Keywords: corporate culture, corporation, university, corporate values


The article is based on assumptions about the availability of certain features of modern university’s corporate culture, which distinguish it from other organizations. The social and philosophical basics of the theory of university’s corporate culture have been analyzed. The particular attention has been given to the fact that corporate culture promotes mutual understanding between the members of the corporation, creates principles of joint activities, and other things which belong to values and norms. It has been noted that this fact leads to the realization of the research, which is aimed at the understanding of forms of effective communication inside the complex corporate university system.It has been noted that despite the significant number of papers devoted to this problem, this article reflects it within the socio-philosophical approach. University Corporation is studied in the scholars’ works as one of the connectors in the social system that promotes social agenda, integration and balance’s maintenance.The aim of this article is to identify the nature and to clarify methodological approaches to the study of the modern university’s corporate culture.There are different approaches to the definition of “corporation” and “corporate culture”, including approaches of such prominent scholars as D. Eldridge and A. Crombie, K. Gold, M. Meskon, Shane E., etc. Attention has been paid to the fact that these definitions do not reflect fully all its aspects, don’t convey the essence of the integrative concept. It has been summed up that corporate culture is dynamic, that it can take new forms which are constantly changing especially in period of transitional and structural change.The definite polemical arguments regarding the use of the phenomenon of corporate culture in the governance structure of modern organizations have been given.The definition of the “corporate culture of the University” has been suggested. It is a complete system of unique identifying features, which are based on the values. These values define the philosophy of its activities, the idea (vision) and mission, and form traditions, rules and styles, ways of business and interpersonal relationships, behavior of students and staff. All these reflect the level of excellence, integrity and attractiveness of the university brand in today’s socio-cultural, scientific and educational space.The essence of socio-cultural, and synergistic praxeology approaches to the study of the corporate culture of the university has been described. It has been emphasized that corporate culture is the subject of interdisciplinary research, integrative nature of which requires usage of various approaches and methods at it is examined within the socio-philosophical methodology.


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