Experience of the application of direct democracy and mediate participation’s possibilities in territorial communities of Ukraine

  • N. M. Nahorna State Higher Educational Establishment «Uzhhorod National University»
Keywords: local self-government, territorial community, direct democracy, mediate participation, forms of direct democracy


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine proclaimed its independence and began to build its social and political life on the basis of democratic principles. The practice of the application of direct democracy and mediate participation’s possibilities in territorial communities of Ukraine became to be an essential component of transformational changes and one of the leading powers of its transfer to new principles. Therefore, such an experience is very wide-spread.Although Ukraine is a young country, but all the forms of democracy, both direct and indirect, or so to say, immediate or mediate ones, occupy their places in the political system of our society. However, mechanisms of introduction of the given forms of democracy, being used by themselves, frequently do not reach the intended effect. Evidence of that is a high rate of protest moods in the society. Regardless of their political creed, People trust the governmental policy less and less (this conclusion is based on public opinion surveys).Evidence of this is 25 years of experience of Ukraine’s independence, during which the interests of the nation have not been heard and have not been counted by the people’s representatives. We hear good promises during the election campaigns when results of the elections depend on our vote. However after the elections, everything remains to be the same. Such practice is quite negative for us. No doubt, elections give a nation the feeling of political participation as well as the feeling of the influence on the process of decision-making However, such form of political participation has got a substantial defect: it is impossible to insure the nominees being the representative of governmental authorities as well as the local self-government authorities to be governed by the will of the electorate and not by the private interests. This does not always correspond with the interests of those, whom they present. This point is of extremely important.Moreover, in order to make the citizens’ interests counted, the mechanisms of realization of citizens’ participation in territorial communities of Ukraine have to be improved maximally. Every citizen has to feel himself as a pivot of social and political life of the country. Until we hear such phrases as, ’Nothing depends on my vote’, it is impossible to change the system as far as this system consists of us.Taking into consideration such situation, the application of direct democracy and mediate participation’s possibilities in territorial communities of Ukraine appears to be more and more relevant for scientifically theoretical apprehension and practical introduction of the modern Ukraine’s political life. Thus, we consider that the improvement of the mechanisms of direct democracy and mediate citizens’ participation should become an important task of state’s policy in the process of raise of the Ukrainian political system efficiency. At the present stage of political transformations they are an actual instrument of influencing the population, aimed at the increase of control of the governmental institutions between the elections periods. Indisputably, such experience of the application of direct democracy and mediate participation’s possibilities in territorial communities of Ukraine together with the necessary improvement of legal sphere and the raise of the efficiency of the direct democracy’s mechanisms practical implementation will positively influence the development of social and political life and will allow to use the main means of the realization of direct democracy at the local level and at the national level effectively and will stimulate the participation of population in the political process.


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