The change in the spiritual condition of youth at the present stage of the informational-highly technological progress: philosophical and educational

  • N. V. Polischuk Rivne state humanitarian university
Keywords: spirituality, personality, educational environment, society, information and high-tech scientific and technological progress, philosophy of education


The author in clause investigates and finds out factors of change of a spiritual condition of youth at the present stage of scientific and technical development of a society. The present stage of information-highlytechnological progress of a society is accompanied by manufacture of extremely plenty of material benefits for mankind. But any progress is accompanied and the certain recourse, and here the choice of a direction is already preference of people. Prompt blossoming of information-highlytechnological scientific and technical progress pulls behind itself a break educational and spiritually-moral values mankinds, in particular young generation which is the most impressionable. Therefore while appropriate spiritually-moral bases and the purposes will not be brought in information-highlytechnological scientific and technical progress, there is a real danger of spiritual recourse, both to the human person, and to mankind as a whole. Spirituality, morals is that level of development of the person and a society which is the consolidating beginning, capable to unite people; it is force, which called to stimulate national revival, to provide the world and the consent in a society. Without awakening such moral phenomena as conscience, humanity, the responsibility, self-respect, the creative initiative it is complex enough to count on improvement of a situation in the state, especially during an epoch of information-highlytechnological scientific and technical progress which technicalization the consciousness of each person, supersedes from it the most sacred feelings and emotions. It is proved, what exactly the philosophy of formation should prove humanistic-innovative type of formation which will render essential assistance to growth intellectual, cultural, moral and antropospace potential of the person, its independence, self-sufficiency, creative activity.High level of spiritually-moral culture of the young man which has fallen into decay presently, within the limits of new educational space (in which the maintenance of training answers dynamics of development of scientific and technical fields of knowledge, increase of efficiency of educational and pedagogical processes, an individualization and differentiation of training is constantly carried out, and it in turn will lead to the person knowing, creative, is innovative-thinking, spiritual which professes all principles of human morals), will enable it to be recreated, adequately to open to people, to show to them feeling of deep respect and love, to be true to ideas of humanism and to aspire to their realization during the ability to live in conditions of accrueing information-highly technological scientific and technical progress, that is to become the spiritually-moral person of a new information-highly technological civilization.


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