Geostrategic priorities of Ukraine

  • A. B. Mіschenko Kyiv national university of culture and arts
Keywords: geopolitics, state power, new world order, international subjectivity


A new world order requires acquisition of an increased level of own geopolitical subjectivity in the international arena and a determination of priority level and type of own geostrategy from Ukraine. The article proves that the political system of global dimension is built as a division of the states into large (The USA, Russia, China, etc.), middle (Canada, Italy, Turkey, South Korea, etc.), small (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, etc.) and the dependent states that are unable to self-sufficient development and protection of national sovereignty. Understanding of the states is also distinguished as geopolitical players that carry out the influence on countries by political, economic or in a civilized manner-mental expansion and geostrategic centers that do not have possibilities but have the special location to press on countries-leaders changing their geostrategy, internal and external policy. Ukraine here is the country of the second type and, thus, carries out unconscious influence and determines the actions of Russian Federation. It has been analyzed that Ukraine and other geostrategic centers always oriented on position and level of neighbour countries, studies their strengths and weaknesses, adopts the best elements of development and internal control, distances from negative tendencies and becomes certain symbiosis, mediator, in civilized manner-mental, socio-demographic and politically-economic influences. It is well-proven that rational, objective and pragmatic realization by the country of its place and role discovers additional possibilities for obtaining and providing of own subjectivity in the international arena. For this purpose, Ukraine has to accept and confirm the type of own geostrategy in a corresponding format – deterrent (protective), - and define the level of its extension: subregional. Thus, going beyond the limits of the regional display and distribution of national interests, broadening to the bilateral collaboration with more powerful countries of the Atlantic and Baltic-Blacksea regions, taking into account basic foreign-policy threats. The confirmation of a selected course are normative legal documents that are confirmed by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and developed in other state institutions. For example, Annual message of President of Ukraine to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine «On the Internal and External Situation of Ukraine in 2016», acts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, resolution of the Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine etc. As a result, documents fix basic approaches, political events, symmetric and asymmetric mechanisms of realization of Ukrainian geostrategy.


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