The mechanism of humanization of globalistionion consciousness of humanity

  • R. M. Kolisnichenko Kirovograd interregional academy of personnel management
Keywords: globalistion socialization, the media, educational institutions, governments, political parties, public associations


A definition globalistion socialization as a process of assimilation of public knowledge, values, beliefs about the global perspective, the emergence of a globalistion consciousness, its cognitive, value, emotional, motivational-volitional and introspections qualities.The analysis of contemporary features of the influence of the mass media, cultural industries, public authorities, educational institutions, political parties, trade unions and religious organizations on the formation of a globalistion consciousness of the world’s population. The typology globalistion consciousness depends on the attitude towards the development of globalistion institutions of socialization. Isolated and analyzed socialization-neutral, socialization-traditional and humanistic types of globalistion consciousness.It was established that the neutral socialization-globalistion consciousness is characterized by indifference to business strategy globalistion institutions of socialization than offset by social influence on the formation of an effective mechanism for the formation of a globalistion consciousness of humanity, greatly reduced the chances of humanity to overcome the current global challenges.Signs socialization-traditional type of globalistion consciousness is to support the continued dominance in the global information space, information resources of the developed countries, the traditional activities of the media and other institutions of socialization globalistion, the existing global financial volumes of global information and educational activities.Humanistic type of globalistion consciousness involves improving operations globalistion institutions of socialization to the level necessary for effective humanization of a globalistion public consciousness. Representatives of the humanistic type of globalistion consciousness consider it necessary to increase the volume of international aid allocated to media development, cultural industry, education in developing countries, the global establishment of democracy, the introduction of the world Court of Human Rights, to ensure the independence of political parties from the harmful influence of the business elite, the active involvement of institutions globalistion socialization to the targeted formation humanistic globalistion consciousness of the world population. It proved the urgent need for a global revision of the strategic approaches to qualitative development of globalistion institutions of socialization in the world to create an effective mechanism for the humanization of a globalistion consciousness of humanity.


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