The valued consciousness as register of domination and prevailing in gender cultures:systemological dimension

  • I. O. Svyatnenko Classic private university
Keywords: culture, gender, gender awareness, gender practices, value register gender awareness, gender power


The article is devoted to the problem of determining the structure of the structure of value register gender consciousness and determine its functional connection with the relations of domination and subordination in gender culture. The authors concluded that the study of value-sensitive gender awareness is to provide its control and referential function in relation to other registers of consciousness and gender practices. Control functions are associated with the establishment of standards, frames, rules. Referential function relate to the provision of freedom of choice and information required for meaningful interaction with gender environment.The article pointed out that the impact of value register takes place on the basis of such regulatory incentives, as a punishment, encouraging, establishing the terms of activity, competitive situations that reduce intrinsic motivation, denying feelings of self-determination and competence. The author also noted that the impact referential promotes gender competence and confidence in legitimirovannosti relevant gender practices. In each gender culture are the relations of power and subordination, which are caused, first of all, the domination of those or other entities in the value register of gender consciousness.This register is meaningful and full of value-semantic constructs that create a point of reference in the evaluation of certain theoretical umopostroeny and social practices of gender positioning. In such circumstances, the ruling status of the gains that sociogender group that can afford the definition of evaluation samples of other gender, which she occupies the position aksiodatelya (creator of values, that is, what is significant or insignificant). Therefore, acts of consciousness and behavior of subordinate gender in the register shall be subject to censoring value consciousness prevailing gender, so that every time there is their acceptance / denial, legitimation / delegitimation and others.


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