Prospects of the Syria conflict’s settlement in the context of the exasperation of Russian-American relations

  • O. S. Vonsovych Ukrainian­Polish higher educational institution «Central European university»
Keywords: positions, interests, contradictions, the negotiation process, military interference, constructive dialogue


The prospects of the Syria conflict’s settlement in the context of exasperation of Russian-American relations have been investigated. Nowadays this conflict is one of the largest centers of danger in the world. Moreover, after the intervention of Russian Federation and United States of America in the conflict, it gained even greater complexity, contradictions and urgency. We should say that after analyzing the positions of participants of the conflict, it is clear that the rapid resolution of the situation shouldn’t be expected. Such factors as differences in views and positions, antagonistic mood, uncompromising, aggressive behavior, the prevalence of power factor, terrorist activity and others do not allow improving the performance reconciliation of the parties’ process. Important thing is that exasperation of Russian-American relations is one of the key negative external factors, which makes it impossible to establish meaningful strategic dialogue between the conflicting parties. The process of further settlement will depend on how quickly Russian and American parties will find understanding regarding key issues of the conflict. Not less important is the conflict settlement processes. Now this process seems to be very complicated. Divergence of interests and views of direct participants and key «players» Russia and the United States do not allow to speak about the presence of compromise and constructive dialogue. If they are not achieved soon, it can lead to unpredictable consequences, such as the expansion of «geography» of the conflict or its transfer to other areas. We should pay attention to the fact that further exasperation of Russian-American relations may cause open military confrontation between this two countries about which people have recently started talking more often. This confrontation complicates not only the progress of the conflict, but also creates some additional problems that affect negatively the dynamic of negotiation process. In order to prevent complications of the Syria conflict, it is necessary to make the collective efforts from both countries and international organizations, first of all, to reconcile the Russian Federation and the United States. This process is difficult in the context of practical realization due to the current situation, but it should strive in order to prevent further escalation of tension. It is clear fact that until the support of regime of B. Assad and «modern» Syrian opposition continues, the conflict will take place in a transparent manner. That’s why it is necessary to activate efforts aimed at the stop the arms and equipment’ supply to the warring parties. This will create the conditions in which the technical resources will be exhausted quickly enough, the parties will be depleted and will soon start negotiations.


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