Charity on the pages of periodicals (magazine «Children care»)

  • F. Y. Stupak O.O. Bogomolets national medical university
Keywords: сharity, the journal «Child care», social assistance, hospital, social care, free of charge


The article argues that a significant layer of material on the issue of social support and charity published in periodicals, lists of periodicals which publish informative materials regarding the charity. The researchers of that time was actively publishing theoretical articles, translated the writings of prominent scholars in France, Germany, England, Holland and other countries, and published a critical literature reviews, book reviews, and many other materials related to the care and charity. An important fact of social life was the emergence of specialized periodicals on the issue of charity. The author analyzes the special periodicals at the indicated problem. Provides some factual material contained on the pages of the magazine «Children care»primarily 1885 In conclusion, the author notes that the emergence of specialized magazines caused the importance of understanding the history and experience of charity, development of measures to improve assistance to the poor. Magazines gave its pages as theorists and practitioners of philanthropy and steel, on the one hand, a specific catalyst, and on the other, the scene unfolding in society discussion about the need, content and goals of activity in primary care for the needy; on the portion of the state, society and the individual in it; about the best system of organization of this activity. Such activities are special and some other magazines have played a significant role in the coordination of efforts and actions of the participants of the charity movement in the country, which is reflected primarily in the convocation of congresses with public and private care and the creation of the Russian organization for managing this activity. An important place in this case took the magazine «Children care».

Author Biography

F. Y. Stupak, O.O. Bogomolets national medical university
doctor of historical sciences, Full Prof.


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