Etymological and sociological contexts of the concept of «city»

  • V. A. Lavrik Запорізький національний університет Адреса: 69600, м. Запоріжжя, вул. Жуковського, 66
Keywords: city, sociocultural space, criteria of definition of city, urban space, urban way of life, urban theories, social relations in city


The article clarifies the basic etymological and sociological contexts of the concept of ‘city’. It`s caused by the problem of multiplicity of discourses and approaches that define the concept of ‘city’ in sociology. This problem needs to be solved in order to overcome the fragmented concept of vision of city, as well as holistic consideration in the sociology concept of ‘city’ as a social system. The article investigates the principal conceptual and methodological approaches to the sociological definition of ‘City’. The subject of inquiry is a concept of ‘City’ in sociology. The purpose of the article is the investigation of theoretical approaches to the concept of ‘City’ in sociology. The etymological analysis of the concept of ‘city’ made possible to identify its basic characteristics: a spatial restriction; high density; scale; distance and formalizing of relations; the dominance of law instead of the traditions of community; the diversity of social groups; a strong division and specialization of labor; a conversion of different types of capital. The author gives an integral definition of the concept of ‘City’. City is a sociological definition that signifies a scaled spatial and territorial formation that`s defined by a density of the social ties of inhabitants, a highly specialized division of labour, a conversion of different kinds of capital (social, economic, political, military, technological) in order to provide live and activities of urbanities.

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V. A. Lavrik, Запорізький національний університет Адреса: 69600, м. Запоріжжя, вул. Жуковського, 66


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