Philosophical-educational concept anthropospace and spiritual prospects of existence of the human civilization during the epoch of information-highly technological progress

  • N. V. Polischuk Rivne state humanitarian university
Keywords: Universe, space, a science, technics, reason, spirituality, morals, a space civilization, information-highly technological progress, anthropospace.


In presented clause by the author are analyzed space-inoplanetary prospects of the future mankind, the further knowledge of the Universe and scientific and technical development during an epoch of modern information-highly technological progress. The urgency of the given research is caused by fundamental changes in ability to live, in particular, in spiritual activity, a human society (especially youth) under influence of information-highly technological scientific and technical progress, development of near space and globalization and as other planetary and space phenomena which occur at the present stage of development of a civilization and concern the vital interests of all mankind and each person and its spirituality. Today globalization and other planetary-space phenomena are consequence of that new achievements of mankind, first of all information-highlytechnological, staticized defining and vital aspects existence of mankind.It is proved, that in the third millenium the mankind should carry out revolutionary turn to new forms civilization progress, spiritual, mental and anthropological crisis, ІІІ world war, and with it crash of a civilization differently will come. Therefore we develop the scheme of revolutionary and spiritual development of mankind. According to which, after scientific and technical revolution and the social and economic phenomenon caused by her (the third wave) the fourth wave (information-highly technological and educational revolutions) which provide considerably new means the life-support, perfect formation and creation of a spiritually-moral society with high spirituality of initial Christians for Jesus Christ’s lives takes place.No other development - economic, scientific and technical, information or technological - can deduce mankind from a historical hopelessness - crash of a civilization if this development will not be supported by spiritually-moral revolution which will lead to reorganization of consciousness, spiritually-moral qualities and values of all people.It is shown, that for positive spiritually-moral development of a civilization the new type of the person - space-inoplanetary which will represent harmony of the highest qualities of mind is necessary, to spirituality, morals, advanced intelligence, divinity at harmonious connection with the perfect physical and emotional body. Such type of the person should be directed on realization of the creative potentials in scales of the Earth and space, is capable to move and live in space in conditions advanced, highlyspiritual space-inoplanetary civilizations. It should be wise, love the God, communicate and adopt knowledge and experience of others space-inoplanetary highlyspiritual civilizations, to create for the blessing of a human society and the nature, differently mankind accident waits. Such person would feel the responsibility for a life of all planet and mankind and would realize hopelessness of the existence which have been not lit up by light of greater spiritually-moral ideas. Therefore, the world politicians, and philosophers should correct not, persons planetary-space type and it should be the strategic purpose not only philosophies of formation, but also formation in general.It is proved, that only in unity of information-highly technological progress, mind and spirituality and anthropospace of mankind probably future sew civilizations.

Author Biography

N. V. Polischuk, Rivne state humanitarian university
PhD in technical sciences, associate professor


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