Structuration, space and time: the reconstruction of Anthony Giddens’ «structure-agency» synthesis theory

  • A. D. Osypchuk National university of «Kyiv-Mohyla аcademy»
Keywords: structuration, agency, structure, regionalization, locality, time-space, social system, duality of agency and structure


The article presents a theoretical and analytical reconstruction of A.Giddens’ Structuration theory as an attempt of ‘structure-agency’ synthesis in sociology. The concept of structuration is introduced by Giddens to solve the problem of duality of structure and agency where the former is defined as rules and resources. Structuration can’t be understood without reference to Giddens’ use of ‘time-space’ concept and related locality and regionalization concepts. Article analyses in details which theoretical and methodological possibilities and limitations comes out of defining structuration as constant flux of conducts in time-space, especially in regard to snapshots of previous conditions of system or structure and memories about them. The article also deals with the concepts of presence, locality, and regionalization that are the result of critical development of time geography approach and are based on combining time and space into one inseparable dimension. The main types and modes of regionalization are reviewed. It is emphasized that through regionalization, locality, and forms of presence and of routine practices Giddens defines not only social institutions but also social system. There is a brief theoretical and methodological discussion of correlation between social structure and social system and of the potential application of Structuration theory to analysis of social change.

Author Biography

A. D. Osypchuk, National university of «Kyiv-Mohyla аcademy»
PhD in sociology, associate professor


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