Diplomacy of Bulgaria to resolve «macedonian question» before the first world war

  • O. O. Melish T. Shevchenko national university of Kyiv
Keywords: international conflict, macedonian question, Bulgaria, diplomacy, Balkans, the First world war


This article gives a short overview of the international situation on the eve of World war I, the analysis of foreign policy and diplomacy Bulgaria relatively solving the «Macedonian question». Particular attention is given to the diplomatic conflict between Bulgaria and the Balkans, and the role of Bulgaria in the conflict. Emphasizes the controversial policy of Bulgaria, which is quite evasive and carefully behaved on the eve of global conflict. It is noted that the beginning of the military conflict in Europe automatically done Bulgarian revisionist foreign policy revanchist policy. The fact that the Bulgarian national question was also a territorial issue. Bulgaria had a claim to almost each of its four neighbors. Diversity its revisionism would cause significant difficulties in any major state or coalition of states that have set a goal of attracting Bulgaria as an ally. It is noted that the definition of Bulgarian foreign policy concept of the crucial role played by King Ferdinand. «All Bulgarian political life, especially foreign policy, guided by the king, - said the Russian envoy in Sofia AA Savinskyy. - Ministers are blind instrument in his hands.» [5, P. 741-742]. It is noted that at the beginning of the first World War Macedonian lands were subject to bargaining between Bulgaria and the Entente, on the one hand and the Central Powers - on the other. For entry into the war both coalition promised Sophia accession Vardarskoyi and the part of Aegean Macedonia. Bulgaria’s main mistake was that it entered the World War on the side not to «friends» and to the side of the oppressor century of Bulgarian land - of the Ottoman Empire. The article was followed that liberated severe suffering, Bulgaria passed to the enemy, seeking «justice.» This step was considered by public opinion as «ingratitude» and under the authority of Bulgaria fell more. The article also contains description of the situation in the country before world war and during the neutrality of Bulgaria, analyzed the complexity of its foreign policy objectives that guided the Bulgarian policy, to address the main question - «Macedonian».

Author Biography

O. O. Melish, T. Shevchenko national university of Kyiv


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