«Nomen est omen»: pseudonyms in actor society of Dnieper Ukraine late XIX – early XX century

  • I. V. Yeremeyeva National technical university «Kharkiv polytechnik institute»
Keywords: actor, pseudonym, anthroponym, patronym, name model, professional image


In the article on the memoirs and archival material basis of Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine, Kyiv and State Archives of Kharkiv Region the etymology of some actor’s pseudonyms on the Dnieper Ukraine territory in late XIX – early XX century was analysed. The pseudonyms’ place and role in desired professional actor image formation were determined. In particular the fact that pseudonyms borrowed or transformed from the famous literary character names used to transfer the character’s moral qualities and exterior to the artist was defined. The stage name creation specificity depending on the affiliation of the actor to the Russian or Ukrainian repertoire was shown. Also the basic motives for fictional anthroponym using in actors’ society were depicted. The main reason for the actor’s name-change among ones originated from the nobility and clergy was shown. Besides the recognition of pseudonym as the important part of professional success not only among the actors, but also among entrepreneurs of Dnieper Ukraine in late XIX – early XX century was explored.

Author Biography

I. V. Yeremeyeva, National technical university «Kharkiv polytechnik institute»


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