Managerial factor of ethnic minority cultural space: changes (1990 – 2000 – years)

  • V. M. Pekarchuk Luhansk state university of internal affairs named after E. O. Didorenka
Keywords: ethnic minorities, state, government, management, socio-political life, culture, law


On the basis of archival, statistical materials, analytical inputs predecessors considered the place and role of management factor in the development of cultural space Ethnic minorities during 1990 - 2000 - ies. Nonfiction includes problems of participation of public authorities in the cultural renaissance of ethnic minorities in part addresses the issue of directions, principles, nature management decisions involving relevant administrative instruments regarding implementation in practice of the basics of cultural - artistic policy. Importance designated problem caused primarily by the need to have a clear understanding of the mechanisms of decision independent state problems of interethnic relations, promoting the principles of many cultural, ethnic and national tolerance and harmony. Fundamental approaches to the creation of prerequisites cooperation executive authorities and representative bodies of national - cultural society, the maintenance of ethnic and cultural needs of ethnic groups in Ukraine. We considered the prospect of continuity and management activities in the direction of improving the principles of such support. Considerable attention is paid to the current management mechanism (mosaic bodies involved in financing, material support, investment projects). At first, in the historiography on the basis of specific methodological tools to analyze conformity issued by the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry departments strategic objectives - development of social and cultural environment Ethnic minorities of Ukraine. Particular attention is given to explaining the problems of social - political participation of ethnic minorities, ethnic consolidation of the principles of conservation of space. Stressed that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine actively promoted satisfaction ethno-cultural needs of ethnic groups, the revival of their customs and traditions. A significant part of the articl is devoted to clarify subjects found features of activity in the segment of cultural - artistic policy of controlling bodies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Find out the main causes of certain management pits, that hindered the ethnic minorities the right to self-realization, legitimizing their representative bodies.

Author Biography

V. M. Pekarchuk, Luhansk state university of internal affairs named after E. O. Didorenka
PhD in historical science, associate professor


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