Conceptualization of category terrain of outer space in contemporary geopolitics

  • Y. O. Herman The Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk national university
Keywords: terrain, geopolitical terrain, geopolitical recourses, terrain of outer space


It is analyzed the category of terrain for the purpose of finding out it new conceptual framework, based on consideration of contemporary global processes whose influence now extends far beyond the earthly geographical environment. It is claimed that technological progress constantly modifies the format of classical geopolitics, and offers new tools of gaining control over the zones favorable for development. It is demonstrated the expanding of boundaries of the space sector as a repository of geopolitical resources to the borders of the near-Earth space environment. One of the key reasons for expansion of the spatial relations is limited or even exhaustion of terrestrial resources on which, among other things, bases geopolitical power of specific geopolitical player. Attention is drawn to the almost limitless and inexhaustible reserves of potential resources of near-Earth space environment. It is emphasized the communication and transport potential of cosmic tracks, which is promising for the realization of the successful commercial space and other projects. The main actors which are definitely interested in gaining instruments for establishing their global status by controlling space they are nation-states and multinational corporations. It is researched the basic properties of terrain and the likely nature of the spatial relationships among key geopolitical players.

Author Biography

Y. O. Herman, The Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk national university
PhD in historical science, associate professor


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