Promising models of research of processes of political modernization

  • L. S. Khorishko Запорізький національний університет Адреса: 69600, м. Запоріжжя, вул. Жуковського, 66
Keywords: political modernization, political modernization entity, actor model of modernization, structural model of modernization, figuration model of modernization


The purpose of the research is to determine the characteristics of the actor, structural, figuration models of political modernization and specification of promising areas of study of these processes in today’s political reality. The actor model of political modernization moves the scientific discussion to the research of certain strategies of political entities at the individual and group levels in specific microsocial situations and activity practices. At the same time, the research of importance and role of certain structural components of the modernization process are neglected. The structural model includes combination of micro- and macrolevels of analysis of the processes of political modernization. It actualized the need of research of the subject of modernization activity, which in the process of institutionalization acquires the necessary resources and procedures for its effective implementation. The figuration model of political modernization actualized the scientific discussions on the specified issues in the context of determining the specific spatial and temporal characteristics of changes, impact of endogenous and exogenous factors and continued the search for previous models concerning the role of the entity, institutionalized in the particular structure, in implementation of the modernization activity based on personal and organizational resources.

Author Biography

L. S. Khorishko, Запорізький національний університет Адреса: 69600, м. Запоріжжя, вул. Жуковського, 66
Хорішко Лілія Сергіївна – кандидат політичних наук, доцент


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