Industrial city as a social environment of the formation of the value orientation of young peoples

  • T. G Iermakova Dneprodzerzhinsk state technical university
Keywords: Youth, values, value orientations, the urban social, industrial city


The development of Ukrainian society is characterized as a period of transformation processes due to the search of their own development and change values. Values of Youth is one of the most pressing issues on the one hand, they take some time to become characteristic of a generation of adults, on the other, is a reflection of life guidelines that exist at the moment. Industrial city as a socio-cultural and community socioarea has differences that contribute to the aggravation of social problems, and greatly influences on the construction of the hierarchy values, defines the directional vector priorities in life, cultivating a system of values. In the article the relevance of studying the social conditions of the formation of value orientations of young people, analyzes industrial city as a social environment that is complex in its structure and has a set of factors that affect the socio-cultural situation; specific features of the urban lifestyle and its impact on the content of the socialization of young peoples; describes the city as a societal social system that has demographic, environmental, educational features, as well as the specific features of local government. The paper also identifies trends in the changing value priorities of young industrial city, oriented youth culture, social structure changes, the emergence of new population groups and other qualitative transformation of the social environment in which emerging value orientations of young peoples.

Author Biography

T. G Iermakova, Dneprodzerzhinsk state technical university
PhD in sociology, associate professor


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