Origin and development of «mcuniversity»: course on economization the educational field

  • M. V. Klyov National aviation university
Keywords: McUniversity, McDonaldization, consumption, masovization, university, business, education.


The author examines the concept of «McUniversity», introduced in 1995 by British sociologists M.Parker and J.Jary. However, attention is drawn to the concept of McDonaldization, masovization that lead to the emergence of phenomena of economization in education. It is noted that the principle of McDonaldization is used by the most businesses organizations, and the McDonald’s is the epitome of efficiency, predictability and automation; gradually moving to the University, it manifests itself in rationalization, excessive consumption, the use of advertising, which creates the illusion of consumer cooperation, which focused on human behavior, freedom and impartiality. The article states that the educational sector reformers often confuse economization of education and its commercialization. The processes of economization of education are one of the most important factors of economic development and cause change. After all, education is increasingly starting to be not as education for education and obtain «pure knowledge», namely as a powerful fact of development that allows countries to enter new innovative technological frontier. In general, education is seen as a major factor of social and economic progress and stability of the social system. So the concept of «McUniversity», introduced in 1995, is becoming increasingly important today, setting the stage for the development of the economization of education in our society, because the modern era characterized rankings of universities and faculties at the international and national levels, strengthening the competitive spirit among faculties and tutors, establishing schools and faculties that operate as businesses due to the fact that they perform managerial principles.

Author Biography

M. V. Klyov, National aviation university


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