Management as an innovation paradigm of education governance: philosophical analysis

  • E. G. Sytnychenko Dnepropetrovsk regional institute of postgraduate pedagogical education
Keywords: management, education, management paradigm, philosophy of education


Value of management paradigm management determined that it is the most adequate model of implementation of educational innovations. Innovative approaches to governance, grounded in management theory, the needs reorientation of government to the needs of the consumer education. The main reason for this is the nature of activity management, its focus on management education as a social and cultural process determined in all the richness of social, organizational and personal relationships. In modern terms the greatest impact on innovation processes in governance provides administrative management. Distribution system innovations in the field of education creates opportunities to influence the system of government most directly dynamic management - innovation. Innovation Management - a purposeful innovation management system, its resources, people involved in developing and implementing innovations in order to maximize the effectiveness of innovation as the most important factor of the control system. The focus of innovation management in the management of education is to develop strategies of educational innovation as from within the educational sector, and about the management of innovation processes in its interaction with socio-cultural environment. Development and dissemination of innovation is a priority strategy of education in modern times, as it defines the rest of educational strategies.

Author Biography

E. G. Sytnychenko, Dnepropetrovsk regional institute of postgraduate pedagogical education


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