Itsenko O.G. Union problems in religions studios of metropolitan Alexiy (O.J. Gromadskiy)

  • O. G. Itsenko Rivne state humanitarian university
Keywords: union, orthodox, catholicism, hierarchy, church


In the article consides the complex of problems connected with union and with perculiarity of union processes in the ukrainian lands in the light of veiws of Ukrainian religions thinker Alexia (Gromadskoho).Many socio-cultural events and process, which take place now not only in Ukraine but in the all post-Soviet space, include in itself powerfull religious aspect and often determine it, in power of high degree of religious population said area. Especial place in this sphere of activity take place specific religious institutions, among which may mark the Ukrainian Greece Catholic Church. Then it is important to comprehend the appearance perculiarities of function ideological principles of this institutions in context religious-clerkly regards of Metropolitan Alexiy (Gromadskoho) as a representative of one of the famous Ukrainian Orthodox thinker.The analyse of works of Metropolitan Alexiy was carry out by critical-analytical method which touch this problems and exercise that thinker devoted to grant attention to union theme. Determine, that position of Gromadskyy to union and connected with it problems the whole may include in the general fairway of Orthodox spiritual and academic theological and philosophical paradigm of the end of XIX-beginning of XX centuries, though they have their own specificity. Union, for hierarch, religious phenomenon, but it include the others factors: political, national, personality-psychological and so on. Thinker estimate negative the role of union not only for the «west-russian» ethnoconfessional surroundings, but for all-Orthodox religious-cultural space.

Author Biography

O. G. Itsenko, Rivne state humanitarian university


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