The discourse of Jurgen Habermas: metaphysics after Kant

  • D. O. Shyshkin The Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk national university
Keywords: Jurgen Habermas, postmetaphysical thinking, metaphysics after Kant, the definition of metaphysics, the legitimization of postmetaphysical, violation of the truth


The purpose of the article is to implement the explication of one of the sub-sections of the work of Jurgen Habermas «Postmetaphysical thinking», which is called «Metaphysics after Kant». This work of the German philosopher is a milestone to mark the location of metaphysics, problems of metaphysics and differences in the position of metaphysics for Kant and after him. Some abstracts demonstrate how the discourse of Habermas and proves protective provisions postkantian metaphysics that violates the truth. Article seeks to legitimize the concept postmetaphysical thinking in philosophical discourse. Also we are talking about the given scenario of overcoming the Habermas intellectual crisis through paradigm of understanding.Questions posed to himself Habermas have a long history, such as «What is metaphysics?», but each time they acquire its own, and apparently unique, the an-swer to that draws the attention of the German philosopher each generation semantic potential should pop up again [1, p 17].This article is kind of an experiment because of the fact that the author was trying to go only on the text of one work, thereby ignoring the other most well known work of Jurgen Habermas.

Author Biography

D. O. Shyshkin, The Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk national university


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