Social responsibility of ukrainian media as a subject of sociological annalysis

  • K. S. Nazarenko V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
Keywords: responsibility, social responsibility of the media


The problem of establishing social dialogue has been and will be very important for society. High-functioning social significance of social dialogue determines the significance of providing conditions for successful functioning and development of society. During the transformation, which is experiencing a modern Ukrainian society, special importance is the issue of social responsibility. When society is looking for answers to various questions require important issues, the media can be a special space to build social dialogue. Maintaining stability of modern Ukrainian society depends in particular on the activities of the media. That is why the issue of social responsibility of the media is very relevant today. The paper presents various approaches to the definition of «social responsibility» and «social responsibility of the media». The author analyzed to study the problem of social responsibility of the media and the characteristics of the theory of social responsibility of the press. An analysis of aspects of media ethics and professional codes identified basic journalistic standards that journalists are guided in their careers. The characteristic principles of social responsibility of the media: work in accordance with the rules of law, following the moral and ethical standards, implementation of social projects, support charitable initiatives. Described standards of mass media, namely objectivity, reliability (link to source), precision, efficiency, separating facts from comments, balance of opinions and points of view, completeness of the presentation of facts and information. The article states that the behavior of media people can be considered socially responsible if it meets the standards of journalism. In terms of fundamental transformations of modern Ukrainian society problem of social responsibility requires deep analysis. Her study of a new one and requires investigation. Continuing our study will be useful for further sociological analysis of problems of social responsibility in the context of media.


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