Specifics of international humanitarian operation

  • I. V. Patlashynska Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European national university
Keywords: rights and freedoms of the person, war, armed konflict, peacekeeping, UN, international relations


This article analyzes the legal nature of humanitarian operations. Are studied various approaches to defining terms of different types of humanitarian interventions, their eligibility and legitimacy. The author notes that the issue of the role and place of humanitarian operations in modern international relations deserves attention and study because such actions are experiencing in our time growths rapidly. We believe that humanitarian operations is the first component of the peace process, which is used to interpret the large number of terms: (1) peacemaking, (2) peacekeeping activities, (3) activities (mission) of peacekeeping, (4) peacekeeping operations, (5) peacekeeping mission, (6)peacebuilding, (7) preventive actions (shares) in preserving peace,(8) operation on peace, (9) peacekeeping operations, (10) the operation to enforce peace, (11) the operation of the post-conflict peace-building, (12) humanitarian actions, (13) humanitarian intervention, (14) police operations in other countries, etc. It is worth to say that in different countries the concept of «humanitarian aid» is interpreted differently. Thus, in the US – is «assistance in meeting humanitarian needs, including the need for food, drugs, medicines, equipment, education and clothing. The UK has the law «On international cooperation» (International Development Act), in which humanitarian aid is defined as «the provision to any person or authority assistance for the purpose of mitigate the consequences of natural or man-made disaster or other emergency situation for the population of one or more countries outside the United Kingdom». Moreover,in the law «aid» means any form or by any nature, including financial, technical and assistance, which consists in delivering materials. Analysis of regulations the US, UK, EU and UN definition of «humanitarian operation» gives reason to conclude no direct reference to this definition, Instead widely used term «humanitarian aid». However, there is another specific feature of the approach to the concept. Thus, the UK Secretary of State decides on such assistance, without charge or payment. Unlike these countries in the CIS, including Ukraine, the concept of «humanitarian aid» implicit prerequisite of such assistance – free of charge. Therefore, the author stresses that despite the difference in approach, understanding the role and place of humanitarian operations in world politics, аnd their impact on the promotion of human rights and freedoms as essential moral guidance is extremely large.


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