Regional policy in the context of sustainable development

  • O. P. Chelak South-Ukrainian National pedagogical university named after K.D. Ushynsky
Keywords: concept of sustainable development, public policy, development of territories, region, the regional development


Regional policy of any modern state is carried out in strict accordance with the legislation defined strategic priorities of development, developed in accordance with the global concept of sustainable development. The latest 1992 recognized the dominant philosophy of development for all territories and societies, which have agreed to abide by all UN Member States. The sustainable development is an ideological concept, which is developing dynamically and has many interpretations and explanations, that reflect the idea of harmonization of nature and society, in which the development process makes it possible to meet the needs of society without harming the interests of future generations. This structural concept consists of three components - economic, social and environmental sustainable development. One of the greatest achievements of the international community towards sustainable development is the increased activity of governments and international organizations in this field. Moreover, in the beginning of its existence the practical implementation of sustainable development concept envisaged primarily governmental activities, as well as international co-operation and mutual assistance. Now the emphasis shifted towards the actualization of the regional level of government, which actually carried out the sustainable development of territories. Thanks to the efforts of local government, that exercising appropriate local programs and other programs of sustainable development, the concept of sustainable development is provided at local level. This entails strengthening the regional component of the state policy in all countries of the world and in Ukraine in particular. The strategic priority of sustainable development is regions. It is the most important key to improving regional proportions factor in achieving natural balance economic, efficient and full use of intra conditions and resources, the implementation of regulatory policy, restructuring of regional economic complexes in view of the environmental features of each region of the state. Strategy for Sustainable Development «Ukraine-2020» is aimed at the realization of the ideas of sustainable development in the political practice is within the policy of regional development of Ukrainian territories, enabling them to take into account all local features.


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