Pages of life and work of V. Antonovych

  • F. Y. Stupak O.O. Bogomolets national medical university
Keywords: Kyiv University, medical faculty, history, scientist, school of historians, life path, charity


The article is an attempt to recreate an objective historical portrait of V. Antonovych – the famous social and political activist and historian, physician by education. An attempt is made to supplement the historical portrait of historian, which increases by peculiarity of his life: first a doctor, then historian, public activist. By doing so, the authors tried to contribute to the important direction of scientific research – reasoning and systematic coverage of role of the educated strata within the socio-political and cultural processes. The scientist has created the Kyiv School of historians that made the basement for the development of modern Ukrainian historical science. The School was created with the students and followers of V. Antonovych and many well-known historians belonged to it. The heritage of School’s representatives became an invaluable contribution to the national historiography. The article highlights special human traits of scientist, shows evidence of his charitable activities. The authors paid attention to the following stages of life path of scientist as studying in a higher medical institute and a period of his medical practice. The article mentions that although the medicine did not become V. Antonovych’s profession, but medical education was important for his further scientific work. Studying the natural sciences affected the methods of research, identified certain aspects of methodological approach for understanding the history. Paying attention to the Kyiv University of that time has a cognitive importance.

Author Biography

F. Y. Stupak, O.O. Bogomolets national medical university
doctor of historical sciences, Full Prof.


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