The ways of decision of language question of modern Ukraine on condition of the «Russian factor»

  • D. P. Krasnoseletskiy Khmelnytsky humanitarian and pedagogical academy
Keywords: official language, Ukrainian language, language question, «Russian factor»


In the article research of language question is reflected in Ukraine on the modern stage. From the first years of independence Ukrainian language proclaimed state with corresponding normatively-legal soil. However, requirements of lawful legislation quite often disregard. Local authorities in east and south regions allowed language processes on a drift, that resulted in deepening a language, and after him and political «dissidence» in Ukraine. A situation became sharp interference with the matter of the political elite of Russia, interested in liquidation of sovereignty of former «prisoner». In the conditions of anti-terror operation, it is extremely important to decide of correct an open of the language question, of that try are offered in the article. Sociological and political science researches, positions of politicians, lawyers, historians, linguists, are analysed for this purpose. It is stated herein that Ukrainian language must remain an only official language. Maintenance of integrity of Ukraine is possible only at such condition. Besides at that rate possible consolidation of Ukrainian society that in force of informative opposition between Russia and Ukraine found oneself on verge of social dissidence». Composition and quantity of population of our state depend on it.

Author Biography

D. P. Krasnoseletskiy, Khmelnytsky humanitarian and pedagogical academy
PhD in history, associate professor


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