Social mood as an indicator of spiritual well-being

  • I. A. Kadievskaya Odessa state academy of building and architecture
Keywords: social mood, social health, spirituality, spiritual life, spiritual needs


The mood of different social groups relates to the number of the most dynamic phenomena, in many respects influencing the development of the culture of society as a whole. Social mood plays important role in the formation of the public atmosphere, having an essential effect on the behavior of people. The urgency of a study is caused by the existing need for the comprehension of social mood under the contemporary conditions. The heterogeneity of social mood, caused by different factors, it emphasizes the scientific significance of a study. Social mood can be understood as such element of consciousness, which indicates practical readiness for the action and is direct predecessor and even component of behavior. The individual as well as the specific social group and society as a whole can appear as the subject of social mood. The constituent element of social mood is health, self-appraisal in the society and estimation of different aspects of public life. Social mood as real sociopsychological formation is the product of the spiritual- practical mastery of peace. Its specific character lies in the fact that it reflects reality in accordance with the content of values and interests of personality. The reality, reflected in the social mood, determines the goal-setting activity of personality, setting the critical goals of economic, political, lawful, spiritual and social life.

Author Biography

I. A. Kadievskaya, Odessa state academy of building and architecture
doctor of philosophical sciences, Full Prof.


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