Discourse of power as a subject of philosophical inquiry: between discursive practices and linguistic discourse

  • C. R. Karpenko The Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk national university
Keywords: discourse of power, the ruling ontology, gnoseology of power, existence of mass, mass consciousness, conformism, the interpretation of reality


The article reveals the ontological and epistemological foundations of discourse of power, exploring the philosophical dimensions of discourse levels of power. The study set features discourse of power within the two main philosophical interpretations discourse of power: postmodern and linguistic discourse. Attention is paid to interactions discursive communities and government institutions.Substantiated that power manifests itself in a discourse interpretation of vrebal and textual phenomena by contemporary social and human sciences, including sociology and political science. Established that an interdisciplinary approach in the interests of empirically oriented disciplines allows to use philosophical experience and see the real thing of consciousness transformation by means of discursive practices in social reality.It is noted that the consequences of powerful influence totalization over the structures of speech and discursive reality are extremely important, as argue modern theorists speech actions, penetration of power in everyday and scientific discourse, manifested primarily in abuse of influence. It is alleged that replication of the negative impact of power on discourse is also the starting point for philosophical comprehension of the magnitude of the problem.Demonstrated the discrepancy between verbal and textual content of discussions between public and non­public meaning of utterances government entities, which serves a key feature of the power discourse regarding mass consciousness and pragmatic discourse in practical situations of the masses being. 

Author Biography

C. R. Karpenko, The Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk national university


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