Pharmaceutical education in Kharkivshchyna of the ХIХ – early ХХ centuries: historical analysis

  • A. A. Yakuba National University of Pharmacy
Keywords: pharmaceutical education, Kharkiv university, laboratory, pharmacy, pharmacist


The historical analysis of pharmaceutical education formation process in Kharkiv in the ХIX – early ХХ centuries has been held. The very opening of the University in Kharkiv was of great importance for the economic, cultural, scientific and educational development. The university stood at the origins of the whole higher education of the Kharkiv region and launched many sciences. We The importance of the Kharkiv University which had played the role of the main center for pharmaceutical personnel training in Slobozhanshchyna has been considered. The role of the famous scientist V.N. Karazin as the founder of the Kharkiv University has been determined.The author is studying the problem of the formation and organization of the pharmaceutical education. The difficulties of opening and keeping of pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories have been examined. The special focus has been made on the practical training of pharmacists in the early XIX century; the major shortcomings in the training assignment have been pointed out. The reasons for the inhibition conduct research by scientists­pharmacists and students in laboratories that are an integral part in obtaining basic vocational education.The history of the development of professional pharmacy education began in 1805 at the Kharkiv Imperial University. The most productive stage of formation of pharmaceutical education is XIX century. The minutes of meetings of the Kharkiv pharmaceutical society are of considerable scientific interest; since the mid XIX century there were many famous Kharkiv pharmacists among its members ­ A. Chyrikov, M. Valiashko, M. Krasovskii etc.At the beginning of XIX century pharmacy and pharmacology were taught at the Kharkiv University, which were known then as Drug Substance Studies. The training was provided to medical students and became an integral part of medical education. Mid­ XIX century could be referred to as the decline phase of research in the field of pharmacy.

Author Biography

A. A. Yakuba, National University of Pharmacy


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