S. Shchogolev: doctor and censor

  • F. Ya. Stupak National Medical University Bogomolets
Keywords: Kyiv university, medical faculty, censor, separatism, publishing committee, charity, doctor


The article is dedicated to the life path of controversial figure: physician by education, publicist, public and political figure, censor with extreme anti­Ukrainian views S. Shchogolev. In Ukrainian historiography personality of S. Shchogolev has not been the subject of a separate scientific research, while theoretical works of this state and public figure is the subject of much scientific debate and political manipulations. Basing on existing literature the article reveals some touches of historical portrait, journalistic achievements of state and public figure. Being a member of publishing committee he was responsible for censorship of Ukrainian books. Shchogolev owned numerous journalistic heritages, but the pinnacle of his intellectual legacy is the work «Ukrainian movement as modern stage of South­Ukrainian separatism» that was published in 1912. In his major work the author, standing on the Russian nationalistic positions, declared Ukrainian movement to cultural, economical and political separatism. The work is a detailed informative message about institutions, publications and individuals who somehow contributed to the Ukrainian cultural and political life in Russia and abroad. S. Shchogolev’s book in its essence was a fraud facts and distortion of scientific theories. The article presents the analytical thinking of famous politicians and historians about this figure.

Author Biography

F. Ya. Stupak, National Medical University Bogomolets
Doctor of History, Professor


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