Common and different in the development of trade unions of Galicia first quarter of the ХХ century and modern Ukraine: comparative analysis

  • R. Ja. Berest Lviv Institute of Economy and Tourism
  • I. R. Berest Lviv National Agrarian University
Keywords: workers, trade unions, austrian authorities, performances, strikes, Galicia, movement


Qualitative changes in the trade union movement of modern Ukraine are its origins back to the 80’s of the ХХ century. However, the final stage of almost 70­year history of professional organizations as a single centralized structure began last XIX Congress of Trade Unions of the USSR, held in 1990. Trade union movement since then began to develop on a completely different basis ­ federalism and konfederalizm that has long been practiced in the world in countries with highly developed democracy. And after Ukraine became independent trade unions immediately felt the change in the political situation, new and not simple environment for their activities. This study is one of the first attempts systematic research activities of trade unions on the territory of Galicia during the first quarter of the XX ­ XXI century. The article gives an opportunity to reveal one of the most important issues ­ the historical experience of activity of trade Union organizations of Eastern Galicia and modern Ukraine. It also shows the role and importance of trade unions in the political life of Galicia in the last century. The use of the comparative analysis made it possible to find the common and different in the activities of trade Union organizations of different historical periods.

Author Biographies

R. Ja. Berest, Lviv Institute of Economy and Tourism
Ph.D., Acting professor
I. R. Berest, Lviv National Agrarian University
Ph.D., senior lecturer


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