European vector of foreign policy of the Barack Obama administration

  • M. Yu. Lymar Black Sea State University. Peter Graves
Keywords: foreign policy, еuropean policy, transatlantic relations, U.S., EU, administration of Barack Obama, «smart power», ukrainian crisis


The article researches the basic principles and conceptual approaches to shaping the foreign policy of the   Barack Obama. It is noted that: the foreign policy of the United States should strengthen U.S. global leadership; the special role in determining the directions of U.S. foreign policy is given to the principle of «smart power»; it is important to cooperate with international organizations; the dialogue with Europe should be based on the axis of NATO­EU. This study examines the main areas of cooperation with the European Union, including: overcoming the global crisis and reforming the international financial system; settling the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan; ensuring energy security; finding the ways to prevent new climate changes; defusing the situation which is related to the deployment of U.S. strategic plans in Eastern Europe. It is analyzed the beginning of Obama administration activity on inetnational area, discussed its achievements and shortcomings. The article marks that the USA focuses its attention more on the «Asian vector» and it causes some concern of the European Community. Attention is drawn to the main priorities of «National Security Strategy 2010». The author concludes that despite the absence of significant changes in U.S.­European relations during the first term of Barack Obama as the president, the current era of transatlantic relations has witnessed a process of constant functional cooperation with varying success.


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Author Biography

M. Yu. Lymar, Black Sea State University. Peter Graves


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