The national idea as a factor of consolidation of the Ukrainian society

  • N. V. Morar Taurian State Agrotechnical University
Keywords: national ideology, ideology, mentality, political nation, political elite, political process, political stability, and political activities


Investigated and determined the place and role of the national idea in the consolidation of the Ukrainian society. It is emphasized that for the first time for years of independence in all growth faced the task of further strengthening the independent state, the preservation of stability and the interethnic consent, thwarting the attempts to split the country along ideological and national characteristics. The decisive role in this process should play a Ukrainian national idea, which is designed to provide the necessary consolidation, unity and national unity of the Ukrainian nation, as well as the integration of national minorities to its composition at the preservation and development of their ethno­cultural peculiarities.Analyzed the condition and prospects of development of the national idea. In this context, the conclusion is that the Ukrainian national idea in recent years has been the subject of speculation on the part of political elites and leaders, and does not and cannot lead to the consolidation of political forces. Society, the state should have a unifying idea, values. For many centuries such a unifying idea was independence. But this idea lasted up until independence did not become a reality.Today we need the idea that organized society to create qualitatively new level of life. Since not enough to have its own borders, emblem, anthem, flag, Parliament, presidency. Life should improve, but to improve for everyone. This should become the uniting idea for the political elite and the people that are the same perceived from above and in Kyiv and Lviv, and in Melitopol.Updated and the necessity for formation consolidating ideology, reproduction system of values, which would unite the participants of the political process, capable to consolidate the Ukrainian community and to bring the Ukrainian people into harmony and prosperity.In our opinion, the key values of the national idea should be the feeling of responsibility for the destiny of the country, patriotism, humanism, democracy, social justice, education.The existence of society is impossible without integrating ideas, the integrity of which is determined by the spiritual and creative activity of the person. Therefore, in the era of globalization is the great importance of the national idea, which becomes the measure of spirituality and with it, world Outlook ensuring image of freedom of personality, is its key values. It is opposed ideologies that are focused on the unification of convictions. the formation of a national idea for Ukraine is extremely important, because it is on its basis shall be defined baselines and values development of the state in the context of European integration. 

Author Biography

N. V. Morar, Taurian State Agrotechnical University
Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor


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