The separation of authorities in the conditions of modern political process

  • A. N. Alrkabi Odessa National University. II Mechnikov
Keywords: political organization, freedom, sovereignty, damage legitimacy, unlimited rights, legal democracy


In the article, the author analyses one of the most important principles of organization of state authority and functioning of legal state ­ the principle of separation of legislative, executive and judicial authorities. At the same time branches are independent and relatively independent.If plenary authorities are distributed and balanced among various state authorities,  the concentration of all plenary authorities or its big part are excluded  in a conduct of single body of state authority or office holder , in that way the arbitrariness is prevented. As a rule in the states countries with totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, the principle  of   division  of  authorities  does  not  confess, it is only formally approved. In modern conditions a particularly important question appears about the origin of contradiction between the factor of legitimacy and the factor of efficiency. In different countries these contradictions have their own features. The author analyzes the material, summarizes and draws conclusions. The question about the separation of authorities became meaningful for our country.Nevertheless this   question got the category of the most  important because all conducted  transformations  of  the  last  years  first  of  all  affected   the   system  of  reorganization of state authority.

Author Biography

A. N. Alrkabi, Odessa National University. II Mechnikov
graduate student


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