Features of emergence and development of «entrepreneurial university» in the structure of higher education

  • M. V. Klyov National Aviation University
Keywords: entrepreneurial university, business, massovization of university education, social transformation, innovation, university training


In this article, the author refers to the concept of «entrepreneurial university» and above all, the features of its emergence, development and existence in  the Ukrainian educational system. Attention is focused on the predictors of appearance of entrepreneurial universities, their main characteristics, challenges and requirements. Selecting prerequisites for transforming the entrepreneurial university, the author notes that there is a need to develop the «entrepreneurial spirit» in educational institutions and encourage students and teachers to create a research environment that will be the center of research, development centers, research laboratories, and available teaching positions, such as researcher, lecturer­counsellor, lecturer­expert. Developing infrastructure in the universities, which in particular implies the creation of business incubators, business laboratories, centers for entepreneurship students, organizations of commercial and non­commercial type, which can include both the general structure of the University, and be alone, we need to create conditions for innovation and development. In this article the theoretical and methodological analysis of the phenomenon of the emergence and development of the entrepreneurial university from the sociological point of view is made. Indeed, in the sociological literature is not fully disclosed the phenomena of entrepreneurship, the importance of entrepreneurial universities for the development of the educational system, their extraordinary role in innovation, corporate culture and social transformation as a process in general.

Author Biography

M. V. Klyov, National Aviation University


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