Representation of social transformations in ukrainian media art

  • V. M. Bavykina Kharkiv National University VN Karazin
Keywords: social transformation, media art, society, participative art, socio­cultural space, communication, social construction


In this has been investigated the socially active art of new media as one of the manifestations of contemporary culture and the consequent transformations in modern Ukrainian society.The aim of work is to identify the specificity of Ukrainian media­art as a reflection on the processes of social and cultural transformation of society basic on the analysis of the social­critic media art.If to detach the features of Ukrainian contemporary media art, with  it not quite clear transitional status, it will be of interest in the synthesis of past and openness to the future, de­ideologized attitude towards art and cultural heritage, artistic expression of interest in the social space and clearly progressive search for new topic in a social context.Ukrainian media art is a reflection of social reality and the transformations that taking place in the social and cultural space. Changes in society construct reality in art, which, in turn, creating new forms and content affect the environment, outside the arts. Thus, Ukrainian art is not only representative of the transformations taking place in society, but it is a source of new meanings and perceptions of society.

Author Biography

V. M. Bavykina, Kharkiv National University VN Karazin


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